About Us

About QT Packaging

QT Packaging specializes in export packaging services for commercial and industrial products, overseas crating, logistics and specialized freight.

QT Packaging customers can rest assured their shipments will be delivered with care.

Core values

As part of the international shipping industry, QT Packaging provides unique insights to the perils of transportation across the globe.

our best

what is right


better ways

Those statements may sound simple, but over the past forty years we have come to learn they’re statements few others can stand by. We are confident we can deliver on our promise to you for three reasons. QT Packaging:

  1. Has a core commitment to delivering quality and value.
  2. Is a company supported with 40 years’ experience in the packaging and transportation industry, and driven by people who know this industry inside and out.
  3. Adheres to a higher set of standards and practices achieved through ISO 9001 certification, marking internationally recognized standards for quality control.